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The Core Team

The Initial Outreach will continue at the district level indefinitely, but once we have a majority of Supervisors saying they will support the establishment of a UN Goals Advisory Committee, the next step is to build a largely women’s Core Team to take charge of outreach and marketing. If women take the lead, the men will follow and the coalition will come together quickly and smoothly.​ Men are welcome to apply, to be sure.


The Core Team will need capable self-starters to get our outreach for coalition members off the ground. If you are interested, please use the Contact page to get in touch. We need marketing / technical people, particularly those with Salesforce, Google and Wix know-how. Fundraising is another big priority. If you have another idea how you can help, let us know.

Guidelines for the San Francisco UN Goals Core Team


Collective Communication, Inc (CCI) will be searching out a partner to be the “backbone” of a collective impact project where CCI’s role is to supply “continuous communication”. The aim of the project is to establish a UN Goals Advisory Committee in City Hall. The aim of the Core Team is to ramp up a coalition to persuade City Hall to establish the Advisory Committee. The team and the backbone partner will look for a joint grant.


A good measurable goal for the Core Team is to bring in local organizations/academics/businesses and government entities to our coalition. Academics are especially important because they can bring in teams of students. As possible, we want coalition members for each of the SDGs, for nuclear disarmament and peace, and for as many of the 169 SDG targets and UDHR articles as possible, while also welcoming organizations focused on other UN goals. We will count a) joining the coalition, b) participation in the Voices of Humanity continuous communication process online, c) participation in local in-person meetups, d) provision of volunteers for outreach, e) willingness to join the new UN Goals Advisory Committee once it is established, and f) provision of funding.


All prospective members of the Core Team should read our website carefully. The website outlines the “what”. The team is responsible for the “how”. As a suggestion for the “how”, please remember to include cultural activities in any meetups. Finding a place to meet would be a good start. 


Since Voices of Humanity will be the “continuous communication” component of the coalition, the Core Team should also use VoH. Transparency is critical. Using VoH will keep the CCI Board in the know which is also important. Email is OK where it makes sense. Please send suggestions for the website to

Members of the Core Team will participate as supporters of particular UN goals using the Together and Apart feature of VoH. This will build a much needed "across the silos" facility into the structure of the Core Team.


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