UN Goals for San Francisco is a project of Voices of Humanity (VoH). VoH in turn is sponsored by California 501(c)(3) nonprofit Collective Communication, Inc (CCI). Donations are tax deductible.





Roger Eaton, CCI Exec Dir

415 933 0153


Make History as a Member of the Core Team

The next step in our plan is to build a largely women’s A-team to take charge of outreach and marketing. We believe that if women take the lead, the men will follow and the coalition will come together quickly and smoothly.​


The Core Team will need capable self-starters to get our outreach for coalition members off the ground. If you are interested, please use the Contact page to get in touch. We need marketing / technical people, particularly those with Salesforce, Google and Wix know how. Fundraising is another big priority. If you have another idea how you can help, let us know.

Men are welcome to apply, to be sure.