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Bringing the Goals of

the UN Home to

San Francisco

We are building a civic / academic / business / government coalition to bring the goals of the United Nations home to San Francisco. Behind the scenes, the Core Team will develop a sense of comradeship as they work and think together how to build the coalition.

Check out The Plan.

The coalition will cooperate to persuade the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to establish a UN Goals Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee's purpose will be to develop legislation implementing / supporting the goals of the United Nations at the city level.

We already have a Draft Resolution for City Hall.

Are you a San Francisco resident? Make history as a member of our Core Team. Bay Area but not San Francisco? That's OK. You are welcome to join the Core Team!


Join Voices of Humanity. Join the San Francisco SDGs Meetup.


Check out the Contact page  for more possibilities and to get in touch.

We will be having zoom sessions and in person get togethers soon. Stay tuned!

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