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The Role of Business in the Coalition

Voices of Humanity has plans for a civic / academic / business / government coalition to bring the goals of the United Nations home to San Francisco. The civic arm of the coalition will ensure that the public good is front and center in every action the coalition takes. The academic arm will steer the coalition towards the intelligent path. The government will provide the action arm of the coalition. But what is the role of the business arm?


Business is very much the rogue element in society. In its quest for financial gain, the larger good can get lost. Nature and culture are exploited and the truth is too often sacrificed. Business, though, is a gigantic exploratory network, finding not just new ways of making money, but also whole new worlds of possibilities. The expectation is that the coalition will harness the energy of its business arm for our common good. 


Businesses are interested in several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), though not so interested in SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities, surprise, surprise. The motives are mixed, to be sure, but we have to remember, too, that we are in a new age where either we all prosper or we all plunge over the cliff together. With that choice becoming clearer and clearer each year, businesses are also developing a larger perspective. The coalition will reinforce that development.

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