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The Women's Movement

Outreach for the San Francisco UN Goals coalition will focus on bringing in women for lead roles. It will be great if we can find two or three woman to head up  the Core Team, for instance.

Something to know, Bronwyn Galloway, a strong member of the women's movement here in San Francisco, is the President of Collective Communication, Inc (CCI), the California nonprofit that sponsors Voices of Humanity (VoH). Also, CCI is looking for additional Board members. Women are particularly invited but men are fully welcome to apply as well.

The Women’s Movement already transcends the nations and religions, so there is no contradiction between its goals and the aim of Voices of Humanity to build an intelligent and kindly global consciousness. More than that, with gender equality built into the process, the Women’s Movement stands to benefit greatly as VoH momentum grows with the UN Goals network, starting here in San Francisco.

Not too far down the road, Voices of Humanity will implement a global “together and apart” collective dialogue between the women and the men. The women are expected to take the conversational lead in the dialogue and that global strength will reach down to the local level to empower women of all ages.

An important detail: VoH requires participants to specify gender identity, but the options include "simply human" as well as "Female" and "Male".

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