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Web Presence

Before we can begin marketing we need a website, a facebook page and an instagram account specifically for the San Francisco UN Goals project. 

The UN Goals project is sponsored by California 501(c)(3) nonprofit Collective Communication, Inc. CCI is located in San Francisco. See the CCI web page at CCI is supporting the development of Voices of Humanity - Order Out of Chaos online social medium (VoH). 

The SF UN Goals project will be using the Voices of Humanity social medium. 


The mission of the VoH initiative is to build an online community forum that will heal the world, bringing order out of chaos. We are particularly aiming to bring in individuals who support the goals of the United Nations and/or who identify with such marginalized groups as: women, indigenous peoples, other disadvantaged minorities, refugees, veterans, the poor. Voices of Humanity already has a website devoted to its overall mission.

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