Follow Through

Strictly speaking the collective impact project will have been completed when we persuade San Francisco City Hall to create a UN Goals Advisory Committee.  At that point though, we will have created a powerful coalition, one that strongly supports the goals of the United Nations. This coalition will share not just a San Francisco perspective, but also a global perspective. 


We will also have a tested communication system, Voices of Humanity, which will have proved itself capable of building unity across the silos. The obvious next step will be to bring in other cities from the San Francisco Bay Area, and then to expand nationally and globally, creating a massive unified network of cities. The United Nations will be the natural global Backbone organization for a bottom up collective impact effort to bring about Peace, Human Rights and SDG success rapidly.



UN Goals for San Francisco is a project of Voices of Humanity (VoH). VoH in turn is sponsored by California 501(c)(3) nonprofit Collective Communication, Inc (CCI). Donations are tax deductible.





Roger Eaton, CCI Exec Dir

415 933 0153