The Plan

The goal is to persuade the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to establish a United Nations Goals Advisory Committee for the purpose of developing detailed proposals how the goals of the UN may best be implemented and/or supported by the City and County of San Francisco. How do we do it? We build a civic / academic / business / government coalition.

The Plan to achieve our goal is sketched out in the overlapping steps listed below.

Draft Resolution: A draft of the proposed resolution establishing the UN Goals Advisory Committee is already available. The coalition will modify the draft as needed.

Web Presence: This web site, and our facebook page are up and running. 

Initial Outreach: We have begun outreach to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and so far the response has been positive.

Together and Apart: T&A is the technological innovation that will bring the disparate elements of the coalition together. 

Core Team: The next step is to build a largely women's A-team for outreach.

Collective Impact (CI): The core team will be aiming to implement CI, a sophisticated organizing strategy.

CCI and the Backbone: Collective Communication, Inc (CCI) will provide Voices of Humanity social medium as the communication component of the Collective Impact strategy. Additionally we will need to find a strong Backbone organization to take the leadership role as we go forward.

Follow Through: The obvious next step will be to bring in first the other cities from the San Francisco Bay Area, and then to expand nationally and globally, creating a massive unified network of cities.



UN Goals for San Francisco is a project of Voices of Humanity (VoH). VoH in turn is sponsored by California 501(c)(3) nonprofit Collective Communication, Inc (CCI). Donations are tax deductible.





Roger Eaton, CCI Exec Dir

415 933 0153