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The Plan


The goal is to persuade the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to establish a United Nations Goals Advisory Committee. How do we do it? We build a civic / academic / business / government coalition.

Background for The Plan: the UN was created at the end of WWII to end the scourge of war. That's how the UN Charter has it, signed here in San Francisco on June 26, 1945. Support for nuclear disarmament was among the very first actions of the UN, and the UN has consistently supported peace and nuclear disarmament up to the present. In 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly as a standard for all peoples and all nations. Then in 2015, the nations of the world adopted the awesome UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Now, as one of the world's hi-tech centers, San Francisco is certainly positioned, or might we say "poised"? to bring the cities of the world together on behalf of all the goals of the UN. There are global initiatives to foster metropolitan support for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But the SDGs do not include the prime UN goals of peace and disarmament. The nuclear armed nations will not even consider giving up their horrifying weapons, so when the SDGs were framed in 2015, disarmament could not be included. But the cities of the world do not have nukes and they are the targets, so they do support nuclear disarmament and peace as well as the SDGs.

We can justify saying San Francisco is “poised” to network the cities of the world for all of the UN goals because it has to happen. The nations, armed with nuclear weapons, cannot cooperate as they must to handle climate change and other pressing global issues. So the job falls to the cities of the world to jump-start the process, and San Francisco has the money, the hi-tech skills and the global perspective that is needed. This will be San Francisco's great contribution towards implementing SDG 17, Partnerships for the Global Goals.

The Plan to achieve our goal is sketched out in the overlapping steps listed below.

Draft Resolution: A draft of the proposed resolution establishing the UN Goals Advisory Committee is already available. The coalition will modify the draft as needed.

Web Presence: This web site, and our Facebook page are up and running.

Apart and Together: A&T is the technological innovation that will bring the disparate elements of the coalition together. 

The A-Team: The first step is to build a largely women's A-team for outreach.

Collective Impact: The A-team will be aiming to implement Collective Impact, a sophisticated organizing strategy.

Collective Communication Inc and the Backbone: CCI will provide the Voices of Humanity social medium as the communication component of the Collective Impact strategy. Additionally we will need to find a strong Backbone organization to share leadership with the A-team as we go forward.

Follow Through: The obvious next step will be to bring in first the other cities from the San Francisco Bay Area, and then to expand nationally and globally, creating a massive unified network of cities.

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