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The Plan


The goal is to persuade the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to establish a United Nations Goals Advisory Committee for the purpose of developing detailed proposals how the goals of the UN may best be implemented and/or supported by the City and County of San Francisco. How do we do it? We build a civic / academic / business / government coalition.

The Plan to achieve our goal is sketched out in the overlapping steps listed below.

Draft Resolution: A draft of the proposed resolution establishing the UN Goals Advisory Committee is already available. The coalition will modify the draft as needed.

Web Presence: This web site, and our facebook page are up and running. 

Initial Outreach: Outreach to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is the first step.

Together and Apart: T&A is the technological innovation that will bring the disparate elements of the coalition together. 

Core Team: The process of reaching out to the SF Board of Supervisors will begin building the Core Team.

Collective Impact (CI): The core team will be aiming to implement CI, a sophisticated organizing strategy.

CCI and the Backbone: Collective Communication, Inc (CCI) will provide Voices of Humanity social medium as the communication component of the Collective Impact strategy. Additionally we will need to find a strong Backbone organization to take the leadership role as we go forward.

Follow Through: The obvious next step will be to bring in first the other cities from the San Francisco Bay Area, and then to expand nationally and globally, creating a massive unified network of cities.

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