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We would love to connect with you!

We need a global network of online users giving us ideas and advice as we build our SF coalition. The Voices of Humanity online forum that we are using locally in San Francisco, can also work nationally and globally to build a sense of solidarity for the hundreds of millions of us who are committed to implementing the goals of the United Nations. And then, too, by participating you can get the word out about your own local initiatives.


Participation is free, rewarding and easy as abc. a) Join Voices of Humanity at and read down the UN Goals forum list. b) Vote thumbs up or thumbs down on items you particularly like or dislike. c) Use the "Add my voice" button to start a new topic or click the "Add Comment" link to reply to one of the items. Our local efforts in San Francisco will provide many topics, but of course feel free to start a discussion that is particular to your own city or nation.


With your input, we will persuade San Francisco City Hall to establish a UN Goals Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will propose resolutions to implement and support the Goals of the UN here in SF. The next step will be to build a bottom up global network of city coalitions. Bottom up, yet coordinated -- that’s the trick that will bring in major funding and support from the UN. Your local efforts around the world will prosper along with the network.

We are seeking members for our largely women's Core Team.

  • Bring in an organization or be a member of the coalition yourself

  • Join Voices of Humanity (VoH)

  • Post relevant articles on VoH

  • Take over maintenance of this website

  • Online social media outreach

  • In person outreach - civic, academic, business, government

  • Media relations - contact journalists

  • Help with Salesforce setup

  • Marketing via google and/or Salesforce

  • Join the CCI board

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