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Collective Communication, Inc (CCI) and the Collective Impact Backbone Organization

We begin with an all volunteer Core Team but to build a truly influential coalition for the San Francisco UN Advisory Committee we will need funding. A major aim of the Core Team therefore will be to find a backbone organization to co-apply for a grant with the Voices of Humanity nonprofit, CCI.


CCI is the original sponsor of the San Francisco UN Goals initiative. However it is important to realize that CCI is a small nonprofit devoted to developing its Voices of Humanity social medium. CCI does not have the resources to bring together the powerful civic / academic / business / government coalition that will be needed to implement the initiative. CCI needs a strong partner to oversee the process. See the write up about Collective Impact for more about the role of the backbone organization.

The expectation is that CCI and the backbone organization will share funds from the grant we co-apply for, with the backbone organization receiving the larger portion for the purpose of hiring outreach staff. CCI will use its smaller portion of the grant to modify the Voices of Humanity communication tool as needed for use by the coalition.

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