Initial Outreach

Outreach has begun to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. At this point (early September 2019) only supervisor aides have been contacted. We have heard back from Supervisor Yee's aide that though supportive, Supervisor Norman Yee cannot take the lead since he is planning to retire next year. An aide to Supervisor Hillary Ronen reports that Supervisor Ronen is supportive and will vote to approve the proposed resolution. Aides to Supervisors Shannon Walton and Gordon Mar have responded that they will get back to us. One of Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer's Aides has indicated Supervisor Fewer will vote for the proposed resolution.



UN Goals for San Francisco is a project of Voices of Humanity (VoH). VoH in turn is sponsored by California 501(c)(3) nonprofit Collective Communication, Inc (CCI). Donations are tax deductible.





Roger Eaton, CCI Exec Dir

415 933 0153